Darius Jurčiukonis

Darius Jurčiukonis

Engineering Team Manager

Darius has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in IT and his Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. He began his career in 2013 as a Service Engineer, moved on to become an IT Project Manager, left the field for a bit, and then returned to IT sector again as a Project Manager. Before joining Devbridge, he worked for three years as a Scrum Master and Team Lead at Telesoftas. He holds those same two positions at Devbridge now. Each day, Darius approaches his work at Devbridge with the goal of building a strong team based on trust, communication, overcoming challenges together, and achieving high performance. Always aware of what is going on around him, Darius’ leadership abilities are in part due to his ability to be a strong, empathetic communicator.

Darius is a social person who thrives on interaction. Even though his professional life is in IT, he could live without electricity or the internet, but couldn’t survive without other people. Darius enjoys camping, no matter the season, and has recently discovered a love for motorcycling.

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