David Herrington

David Herrington

Product Manager

David earned his Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Before joining Devbridge, he has worked in positions in IT, Process Engineering, and Product Management for companies ranging from Northstar to Loblaws and even his alma mater, the University of Waterloo. At Devbridge, he’ll bring his experience and his focus on the user’s journey and user’s experience to all his work at the company. David has client-facing experience and strong empathy for clients, giving him a valuable perspective beyond the technical side of the work. He is also committed to transparency and to efficiently building quality products. Personable and outgoing, he’s glad to be working as part of a team at Devbridge.

David is recently engaged and says his engagement is the proudest moment of his life. In his free time, David loves to stay active. He played football for nearly a decade, but now spends most of his outdoor time cross country mountain biking or snowboarding. He aims to get out to the trails at least twice a week. For less intense hobbies, David turns to investing and researching investing, often using the Wealthsimple app.

"The only real opponent in life is yourself. If you cannot beat yourself, you are not trying hard enough"

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