Deimantė Boreišaitė

Deimantė Boreišaitė

Test Engineer

When asked about the superpowers she would like to have, Deimante listed out telepathy, teleportation, super strength, and ability to talk to animals. She may not posses any of said powers, but our developers think she’s a superhero for doing the testing on their projects.

Officially introduced to computers in school, Deimante remembers playing a computer game and focusing more on how it all worked as opposed to actually playing. We like to think that it led her into her current career as a Quality Assurance Analyst at Devbridge.

She does not collect anything apart from museum ticket stubs, because “they help her remember where she’s been”. Deimante likes a wide spectrum of movies, ranging from “Titanic” to “300”, and has always wanted to dress up like Trinity from “The Matrix”.

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