Deividas Gricius

Deividas Gricius

Front End Engineer

Deividas launched his career as a Structural Engineer, but while working in the field he decided to improve his technical knowledge with a one-year program at Kaunas University of Technology. He then went on to study Full-Stack Development at Baltic Institute of Technology, balancing his schoolwork with his engineering work. When he decided to make the full transition into working in tech, Deividas joined the Devbridge Sourcery Academy for Front-End Development. Now, he’s a Junior Front End Engineer who focuses on building out the Front End Side of websites. While doing this work, he also strives to learn as much as he can about the Back End work so that he can one day become a Full Stack Engineer. Whatever Deividas is working on, he is always striving to improve and to use his patience as he builds out solutions step by step.

When he steps away from the computer Deividas heads right to nature. He loves to hike, to take walks in the forest, to go for bike rides and to simply be out in the fresh air as much as possible. Doing so relaxes him and helps him stay healthy.

Don’t be afraid to dream. All dreams come true if you put a lot of effort and be patient.

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