Deividas Nikliauza

Deividas Nikliauza

Software Engineer

Deividas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Systems from the Kaunas University of Technology. Before joining Devbridge, he worked for two other companies as a Software Engineer. Throughout his career he has always valued teamwork, and is looking forward to working on a team at Devbridge where he can learn from others as he strives to reach perfection in his work.

Deividas values relationships and connections throughout his life, and recognizes how important maintaining solid relationships is for success. As a result, one of his favorite websites is LinkedIn.

In his free time, Deividas enjoys traveling, though you probably won’t find him climbing to the top of any man-made skyscrapers to peer over the edge. He’s long been afraid of heights, and though he’s conquered the fear enough to climb mountains he still doesn’t trust human-built infrastructure. Along with travel, Deividas is also interested in the automotive industry and politics.

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