Deivydas Rizgelis

Deivydas Rizgelis

Software Engineer

Deivydas comes to Devbridge Group from CGI Lithuania. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering at Vilnius University, and loves to learn. In fact, the desire for knowledge and to reach personal goals in new areas is what motivates Deivydas. Someday, he hopes to achieve a personal goal of working with and creating a product in the field of artificial intelligence.

Deivydas’ proudest personal achievement was finishing a marathon - even though he had not been a runner until he decided to train for the marathon just five months before the event. While proud to finish and achieve the goal, Deivydas admits it was a painful journey to the finish line. For a less painful journey, he would like to travel to New Zealand and see the natural beauty from the country - everything from the volcanos to the ocean life of the area intrigues him.

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