Domantas Kraujutis

Domantas Kraujutis

Test Engineer

Domantas has an educational background in Software Systems and has previously worked for Teltonika Networks. As a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on solving problems individually while being a valuable, collaborative member of the team. Goal-oriented and a quick learner, Domantas is able to adapt quickly to changes and is not afraid to tackle challenges. Automation is one of his passions, but he is ready to take on any problem that comes his way. Getting out of his comfort zone does not scare Domantas, but instead motivates him.

In his free time, Domantas loves riding his motorcycle. He has many other hobbies and interests as well, including cooking, reading, healthy lifestyles, finances, and new technology. Domantas is also a huge football (soccer) fan.

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