Dominykas Poškus

Dominykas Poškus

Test Engineer

Dominykas is studying IT engineering at Kaunas University of Technology and has already completed Sourcery Academy for Testers. He is looking forward to continuing to learn from his colleagues at Devbridge Group as he puts his own skills and knowledge to work on difficult problems. A hard worker himself, Dominykas is glad to be joining a motivated team that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products. In everything he does, Dominykas is motivated by his fiancee, who is always there for him and inspires him to reach for the stars.

In his free time, Dominykas enjoys watching Youtube videos on a number of topics. He likes techie shows, vlogs, gaming videos, and science videos, but no matter what he watches on Youtube his favorite show will always be The Simpsons. No matter how many times he watches an episode, he enjoys it as much as he did the first time he saw it. When he wants to be more active, Dominykas plays table tennis with his friends.

The only certainties in life are death, taxes and bugs in code.

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