Donatas Kibartas

Donatas Kibartas

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

The first time a PC appeared in Donatas’ home, Donatas was maybe 12 years old. The first thing he did, was play games, of course. Donatas moved on from just playing video games to creating websites after earning his bachelor degreed. Now, he’s worked his way to our Kaunas Office as Web Developer.

Donatas’ interests outside of his work initially don’t stray to far. In fact, if he weren’t a web developer, he believes he’d be focusing on computer hardware and how it works inside our everyday home devices, cars, factories, and other applications instead. All Donatas needs for inspiration is a challenging task and a good environment with good tools, but a movie based on a true story and some clean eating food won’t hurt either.

“If you find yourself giving up, remember why you have started”

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