Dovydas Šablevičius

Dovydas Šablevičius

Junior Software Engineer

Dovydas has an educational background in software engineering as well as hands-on experience in building and managing a small e-commerce business. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge, he is eager to tackle complex challenges that help him grow as a full-stack developer. Dovydas looks forward to developing his own skills as he builds meaningful software that delivers results and has a positive impact for clients. His attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and sense of responsibility are the key strengths that help Dovydas succeed.

In his free time Dovydas enjoys going to the gym. Exercise helps him stay physically fit while also helping him clear his mind. Dovydas is also always enthusiastic about having a lively conversation in which ideas are exchanged and he can expand his horizons through learning about others’ interests.

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