Dylan Flowers

Dylan Flowers

Product Designer

Before joining Devbridge, Dylan worked for The Croc where he developed B2B digital experiences to market services for film and tv as well as for Sparck where he worked with various clients to create high quality products and services. At Sparck, he also used hands-on workshops to help get the most of collaborations with clients. While at Devbridge, he is hoping to use what he learned through those workshops to help best utilize remote-work technology to keep stakeholders engaged in the process and deliver quality products that go above and beyond. Dylan is never okay with settling for mediocrity, and is pleased that Devbridge is committed to excellence. As part of his own path to providing quality products for clients, Dylan is always prepared to pivot and tailor his approach to fit individual needs and solve unique challenges. Dylan is an accomplished athlete who even competed for Switzerland at the youth Winter Olympics. He runs and cycles frequently to stay in shape. His other hobbies include cooking, watching movies (especially ‘The Room’), and listening to music on Spotify.

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