Edmundas Kėvišas

Edmundas Kėvišas

Engineering Director of Kaunas Office

Edmundas joined Devbridge in 2012 as a Senior .Net Engineer. Ever since he worked on many different projects, became a Team Lead, and later on – Squad Lead. His Squad grew to around 60 engineers in Kaunas and in Vilnius. In more than 6 years Edmundas gained trust and respect from everyone by working hard and getting things done.

Now Director, Edmundas’ primarily responsibilities are still growing the team of professionals and leaders as they apply their knowledge and skills and grow together as a team. Edmundas loves his work because he gets to grow with his team as they resolve complex challenges and constantly look for the best solutions and improvements to their work processes, delivery practices, and knowledge sharing.

Though management is much of his day-to-day work, Edmundas still likes to be involved with software development directly. He codes some tools for himself, and also teaches elementary coding at Sourcery for Kids.

Outside of work, Edmundas spends time with his loving family which consists of two children and his wife, Asta. He also spends time fishing, and enjoys talking about the hobby.

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