Edvard Borovskij

Edvard Borovskij

Test Engineer

Edvard earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics from Vilnius University. Before joining Devbridge, he worked for Western Union and UAT. As an intern at Western Union, he reworked and simplified a UI that has continued to be used by the company. He also worked in Western Union’s Technical Service Center providing L1 and L2 operational support for Western Union partners. At UAT, Edvard covered different portfolios as he led the test data support sub-team and internal automation framework development. As a Test Engineer at Devbridge, Edvard focuses on trying to understand the products he is working on. He wants to know how something works and how it’s made, rather than just taking information at face value. Edvard is always motivated in his work by knowing that it is a meaningful endeavor.

In his free time, Edvard enjoys both quiet hobbies and adventures. He likes to make different kinds of tea and play board games, but also enjoys taking road trips and taking long journeys. He’s already made two 6000 km drives to the Balkans and dreams of taking more trips like that.

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