Edvinas Alenskas

Edvinas Alenskas

Senior Software Engineer

Though he had childhood dreams of becoming a truck driver, or maybe an architect, Edvinas quickly found his calling when he started his first job fixing computers. Knowing he had found the path for him, he enrolled in university to study IT and computing, which is his proudest accomplishment to date. Edvinas is obsessed with the software Rainmeter for keeping his desktop clean and tidy, and his can’t-live-without-it website is technologijos.it.

Outside of work, Edvinas loves the great outdoors. Whenever he’s in a bad mood or having a tough time, he takes his bike out to the forest to listen to the birds, and his spirits are instantly lifted. If he could be any superhero, he would choose to be Superman, in order to have the ability to fly and have supernatural strength. His favorite foods are dumplings and homemade gingerbread that’s been prepared according to an old family recipe.

The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things.

Richard Feynman

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