Edvinas Jaskovikas

Edvinas Jaskovikas

Software Engineer

Edvinas has an educational background in Informatics Engineering and is pleased to be working as a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge. Though he does not have formal prior work experience, he has built an entire website by himself using Reac, the ASP.NET Core framework, and what he was able to teach himself. Edvinas is easygoing and able to adapt to new environments and situations easily, a trait that sets him up for quick success. He’s also always ready to tackle a challenge head-on and to work hard until he finds a solution, preferably the most efficient solution. In addition, he’s tries to learn as much as he can from others and doesn’t shy away from taking the steps to improve his skills.

Edvinas likes to stay active, especially through regularly doing calisthenics. He also loves to ski and to feel the adrenaline rush of speeding down the mountain. His other hobbies and interests primarily revolve around technology and gadgets.

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