Eglė Maksimovaitė

Eglė Maksimovaitė

Test Engineer

As a perfectionist, Egle is well-positioned to be an outstanding QA specialist. She always likes to make sure things are in order, working properly, and as perfect as possible. In her work as a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge, she is focused on providing great products to clients while also learning more and improving her own skills. A strong-willed person, Egle never wants to give up and is always ready to work hard and solve even the toughest challenges.

Egle’s hobbies include hiking, board games, spending time in nature, meditation/mindfulness practices, and watching movies. She turns to Netflix and YouTube when she wants to watch a movie, because the variety lets her choose anything from a comedy to laugh at to a documentary to learn from. Egle is also an animal lover and is especially fond of dogs.

There is always a step small enough from where we are to get us to where we want to be. If we take that small step, there's always another we can take, and eventually a goal thought to be too far to reach becomes achievable.

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