Eglė Ramanauskė

Eglė Ramanauskė

Senior Business Analyst

Egle earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and her Master’s Degreee in Project Management with a specialization in Engineering Projects. Before joining Devbridge she worked for Littelfuse where she started at the bottom and was promoted up to Project Manager. Eventually, she moved to the company’s IT Department and was part of the PMO team. She later held the position of IT Project Manager for Invertus. Now, as a Business Analyst at Devbridge, she focuses on working with her team to get the best results for the company. To achieve this, Egle stays organized and makes sure she is always asking questions, no matter how simple they may seem.

In her free time, Egle enjoys hiking, playing table tennis, reading, and watching Netflix. She’s always up for giving book and TV recommendations as well as talking about interesting places in Lithuania. No matter what crazy ideas Egle comes up with, her husband is always up for accompanying her on an adventure.

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