Elena Dambrauskaitė

Elena Dambrauskaitė

Engineering Team Manager

Elena holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and has nearly a decade of experience in the IT sector. As an Engineering Team Manager at Devbridge she applies the knowledge and experience she’s gained by taking on varied responsibilities in her previous roles to help build and maintain stronger, happier teams. Elena believes that strong, happy teams are key to being able to create the best products and help Devbridge grow even bigger. Positive, creative, and with faith in people overall, Elena has the traits needed to build and nurture strong teams. As for the products themselves, Elena enjoys working on those that help make people’s lives easier and that the team can be proud of.

A big music fan, Elena nearly always has Spotify or another streaming software on in the background. She’s also a dog fan and spends a lot of her free time for training her dog and participating in Agility, a sport where dogs are directed through a pre-set obstacle course.

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