Elena Yatzeck

Elena Yatzeck

Group Product Manager

Elena already holds her BA, MA, and PhD in English Language and Literature and is now working on her MBA at the University of Chicago. She has worked for several major businesses and organizations, including the University of Chicago, Nokia, and JP Morgan Chase. During her career she has held a number of positions, ranging from programmer-analyst to Vice President of Engineering to Director of Business Analysis. At Devbridge, this extensive and impressive experience will inform her work in helping to bring the business to the next level. Problem solving on a large scale is one of her specialties, and she is looking forward to using this skill to help coordinate high quality delivery of products and strategize about how to do more of this more efficiently, while also advancing the goals of her Product Management Team.

Earning her PhD is Elena’s proudest achievement, but just because she achieved that goal doesn’t mean she has stopped embarking on large projects. She is currently writing a novel based in the eighteenth century that centers around an all-female secret society.

“A good commander is benevolent and unconcerned with fame”

- Sun Tzu