Eric Strubinger

Eric Strubinger

Lead Product Designer

Eric has made it out of his small town, and for this he is proud. After all, his high school graduating class was only 32 people. Though he never did become Robin Hood (his kindergarten aspiration) - as far as we know - he’s also not a toll booth collector, he doesn’t man the lost baggage desk at the airport, and he doesn’t have to clean porta-potties, all things he would find to be the worst job. Instead, he’s one of our own: Lead Product Designer at Devbridge.

When he’s not creating and designing at Devbridge, Eric is an avid musician. He’s written and recorded two studio albums, collects guitar gear, and wouldn’t mind giving guitar lessons someday. He also collects shot glasses (uses them, too), enjoys crab legs, and is an enthusiast when it comes to surreal/abstract art, minimalist web design, portrait illustrations and photography. He’s driven by goals, progress and the desire the make something great.

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education”

Mark Twain

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