Evelina Zarembaitė

Evelina Zarembaitė

Senior Accountant

Evelina earned a Master’s Degree in Business Process Management from Vilnius University. Before joining Devbridge as a Senior Accountant she held the same role at Adform. One of her primary focuses in the role of Senior Accountant is to find ways to improve efficiency. This ties into her goal - and Devbridge’s value - of striving to be better tomorrow than you are today. Persistent in all she does, Evelina is never discouraged by challenges.

Though she works in the tech sector, Evelina could easily live without the internet. She enjoys traveling and being outside and has even completed a 28km hike in Canada. When Evelina does relax in front of the TV she especially enjoys watching cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules, Cooking With Jamie Oliver, and The Final Table.

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