Gediminas Mateika

Gediminas Mateika

Test Engineer

Gediminas has an educational background in Programming and Internet Technologies. As he begins his career at Devbridge as a Junior Test Engineer, Gediminas is excited about the opportunity to help create useful products - especially those that increase efficiency for the company. Determined and motivated, Gediminas never gives up on a challenge and is always willing to put in the time and effort needed to find a solution and get the job done. If he gets stuck, Stackoverflow is often the first place he will turn to jumpstart him toward a solution.

Even in his free time, Gediminas enjoys learning about and discussing the IT field. He created his own website from scratch that followed the CRUD principle. Doing so took a long time, but showed him how powerful projects can be as an educational tool. To stay active, Gediminas likes to play volleyball. He also enjoys swapping funny or crazy stories.

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