Gediminas Šlekonis

Gediminas Šlekonis

Software Engineer

Gediminas holds a Master’s Degree in Control Systems and has much experience in deploying and programming control/robotics systems. One of those projects even required a military escort as he traveled to Africa to deploy the system. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge he uses his experience and education to help him solve complex problems every day. Always willing to persevere, Gediminas enjoys tackling even the toughest problems and is never willing to give up until he finds a solution.

Gediminas is interested in learning about any topic he can. He loves to dive into Wikipedia and explore random topics; he especially appreciates that when you use Wikipedia you are getting information from all around the world. Gediminas also enjoys playing D&D, going for bike rides, playing his guitar, and working on the numerous projects he always has going.

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