Giedrius Mickevičius

Giedrius Mickevičius

Lead of Engineering Unit

Giedrius is the Engineering Unit Lead at Devbridge. Before joining Devbridge he worked for over fifteen years in various positions in tech, including as an Engineering Manager and Engineering Director at TransUnion and Adform. He also worked as a Database Director for CallCredit, e-bros, and GNT. In addition to his technical knowledge and abilities, Giedrius is also successful in his work because he is naturally a people person. He believes that people are the key to a successful organization, and he will always stand with his team and for his team in any situation. At Devbridge, Giedrius uses teamwork in part to help him improve upon what is already a highly efficient organization.

Giedrius is the proud father of two daughters. He enjoys spending time with his family and he stays active by playing various sports including basketball, football, volleyball, and tennis. Giedrius is always seeking to learn and especially enjoys soaking up information about politics, investments, and technology. He has also continued one of his childhood hobbies into adulthood - coin collecting.

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