Giedrius Vilpišauskas

Giedrius Vilpišauskas

Lead of Engineering Unit

Giedrius is the Lead of Engineering Unit at Devbridge office in Vilnius. For over a decade, Giedrius has been focused on management. Before shifting to management, he focused on software development, specifically embedded programming, device drivers, and medical equipment. Since working in management, he has led multiple teams of up to 50 people located in Lithuania, the UK, and India. He loves working with people, seeing them grow, improve, and sometimes surpass his wildest expectations. Giedrius enjoys seeing his advice helps them to achieve their goals while helping the company become stronger and more prosperous. He is a strong believer that a good manager is not there to supervise and to judge every step, but rather to help and to support.

Outside of work, Giedrius has several hobbies. He plays jazz on both the piano and the classical guitar, and is also passionate about creative writing and art photography. You might also find him cooking - a topic on which he literally wrote a book.

“Materiam superat opus” – the workmanship is more important than the material.

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