Gintarė Zelionkaitė

Gintarė Zelionkaitė

Production Data Analyst

Gintare earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Economics and worked for over a decade as a financial consultant and economist. When she opted to take her career in a new direction, she completed the Java Developer Vocational Training Program at the Vilnius Vocational Training Center of Technologies. As a Production Data Analyst at Devbridge Gintare focuses on analyzing data, producing reports, and contributing to planning and forecasting processes. With her economic and finance background, Gintare has ample experience in such work. She is also organized and has a strong work ethic, both of which contribute to her success on a daily basis. However, Gintare isn’t content to rest on her laurels and is always seeking to improve her skills.

In her free time, Gintare enjoys browsing news websites to keep up with current news. She also likes to travel and enjoys the process of planning her trips. To stay active, she practices aerial yoga, and to relax she watches TV or reads.

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