Greta Mackonytė

Greta Mackonytė

Test Engineer

Greta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, a Master’s Degree in Social Policy Analysis, and has completed vocational training in Testing at the Baltic Institute of Technology. She has also participated in a mentorship program at Women Go Tech. Being brave enough to make the decision to attend the Baltic Institute at Technology and change her career path at age 30 is Greta’s proudest achievement. Before joining Devbridge as a Test Engineer, Greta worked as QA at Surfshark and Danske Bank. She was also a Mentor at Bit & byte. Greta is pleased to be at Devbridge and working on products that respond to people’s needs. Every day, her primary focuses is on catching bugs before they happen. As a curious person who is always invested in her own learning, she appreciates that Devbridge invests in their staff’s holistic development and promotes life-long learning and innovation.

In her free time, Greta enjoys relaxing with aromatherapy, distilling plants with alembic, playing guitar, and singing. She stays active by going for hikes. Greta always tries to stay positive, remembering that even in the darkest moments of life there is hope.

Life is what's happening while you're worrying.

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