Grzegorz Czaplicki

Grzegorz Czaplicki

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Grzegorz attended Warsaw University of Technology where he earned his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Automatics and Computer Science. Before joining Devbridge, he worked for Globema as a Junior Software Developer and then a Senior Software Developer. Most recently, he worked for Netcompany where he began as a Senior Consultant before being promoted to Manager. As a Software Engineer and Team Lead at Devbridge, he strives to be actively participating in all stages of software implementation while being an honest, relatable team leader. Even with his years of experience, Grzegorz is always striving to learn more and to improve his professional skills. He is committed to taking ownership of his work, a trait that clearly aligns with the company’s values.

Much of Grzegorz’s time outside of work has recently been taken up by a large project - building a house. Though he’s not building it with his own hands, he’s driving the project from beginning to end, doing everything from buying the land to determining the budget and assessing quality throughout the process. Successfully taking on this stressful project is Grzegorz’s proudest achievement. When he relaxes, Grzegorz enjoys playing piano, kickboxing, and playing video games - especially Witcher.

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