Grzegorz Saracki

Grzegorz Saracki

Senior DevOps Engineer

Grzegorz earned a Master’s of Science in Engineering from the Silesian University of Technology. Before joining Devbridge he held several positions at ING Group and Eurofins, including Senior IT Specialist, Product Owner, Cloud Engineer, and Cloud Architect. As a Senior DevOps Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on supporting developers’ work, especially through helping with the automation of operations, deployments, and improving the efficient use of public cloud resources and services. Grzegorz is always willing to learn and to improve wherever he can. He enjoys the challenge of solving problems and is always pleased to see good results come from his hard work.

In his free time, Grzegorz enjoys going to live concerts and participating in roleplaying games. He also likes to stay active by running.

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