Ieva Giedrytė-Poliakovė

Ieva Giedrytė-Poliakovė

Senior Business Analyst and Team Lead

Ieva holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Communication and a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Technology management from the ISM University of Management and Economics. Before joining Devbridge she worked as a Marketing Manager at Atea, a Project Manager at Mancanweb, and Business Analysis Chapter Lead at Danske Bank. As a Business Analyst and Engineering Team Manager at Devbridge she is focused on driving the success of value-creating projects. Ieva is always striving for positive change and is always ready to take the initiative necessary to achieve it.

Ieva is an avid birdwatcher and has found the Birdnet birdsong identification app to be a wonderful addition to her hobby. She also enjoys playing tennis, going to the gym, playing board games, and just generally exploring the world.

It’s never too early for ice cream.

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