Ignas Dzvankauskas

Ignas Dzvankauskas

Software Engineer

Ignas’ educational background is in Informatics Engineering and he has also participated in Sourcery Academy. He is launching his professional career as a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge and is looking forward to every challenge and the possibility each one presents for learning and improving his skills. Ignas always has his mind set on achievement and works each day to go further and achieve more than he has in the past, with an ultimate goal of being able to call himself a master of some skills.

Ignas believes that music keeps life from being sad and dull, and so he has often songs playing on Spotify. He not only loves listening to music, he also enjoys discussing music history - especially if it’s about electronic music. Ignas’ other hobbies include running, basketball, calisthenics, and watching reruns of The Office.

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