Ignas Paplauskas

Ignas Paplauskas

Software Engineer

Ignas’s first memory of the computing world is when his grandfather introduced him to the little turtle icon that represents the Logo programming language. Although he had childhood dreams of growing up to become a dinosaur, that early introduction to programming ended up charting his current career path, and ultimately brought him here to Devbridge.

Ignas says one of his favorite software is npm — he enjoys the process of creating new software out of preexisting pieces, which reminds him of playing with Legos as a kid. But aside from software and websites, his favorite book is Witcher, his favorite movie is Whiplash, and he admits to having dressed up as Harry Potter at least once in his life. He loves when everything falls perfectly into place, and eating nachos with salsa — or, actually, anything with salsa.

There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job’

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