Ignas Paplauskas

Ignas Paplauskas

Scrum Master and Team Lead

As the leader of one of Devbridge Group Internal Tools Team, Ignas creates products for Devbridge itself. The products he creates help make the company more efficient, connected, and competent so it can run like a well-oiled machine. Though he does dabble in JavaScript, Ignas’s day-to-day is taken up more by leadership and management responsibilities, scrum mastering, and financial development work. In his work, Ignas is driven by personal growth, both for himself and for his team, as the better they all become, the more efficient Devbridge Group can be. This is especially important to Ignas, because his team generally has multiple project tracks going at once and they are always shifting how they work to best match a project’s current needs.

One of the ways that Ignas helps motivate himself and stay focused is by listening to music. Because his life needs a soundtrack, he is nearly always listening to something on Spotify. In addition to music, Ignas is also interested in exercise and sports - MTB, snowboarding, wakeboarding in particular. He is also into unique foods as well.

There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job - Terence Fletcher, Whiplash.

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