Igor Savin

Igor Savin

Senior Software Engineer

Igor received bachelor's degree in Philology and master's degree in Software Engineering at Vilnius University before coming aboard at Devbridge, where he looks forward to working on a wide variety of products across several different industries — it’s that diversity that he finds particularly exciting. Igor was destined for a career in computing — his father was a system administrator and a technology enthusiast, and he had a PC in his house from a very young age. He still remembers the feeling of awe he experienced when he first started experimenting with programming and tried his hands at editing a few lines of cryptic code.

Igor can’t imagine working in a field outside of programming, but if he had to choose an alternate profession, it would probably be something in academia or writing. Outside of work, his favorite books include Invitation to a Beheading and Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and he loves the films The Godfather and Donnie Darko. He collects books and video games, and his favorite food of all time is cheese.

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