Ilona Kasinskienė

Ilona Kasinskienė

Business Analyst

Ilona earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems and her Master’s Degree in Insurance Management from Vilnius University. She launched her career working as an Informatics Specialist for document management systems, and more recently has worked as an IT Business Analyst in the health and life insurance sector. As a Business Analyst at Devbridge, her knowledge and experience in these areas will help the company achieve its goals. Ilona is also highly adaptive, a quick learner, and takes her responsibilities very seriously - all traits that help her succeed professionally. She is pleased to be working with a strong team and looks forward to engaging with customers from the United States.

In her free time, Ilona likes to tend to the outdoors space at her home, both to indulge her interest in landscape design and help her maintain a healthy lifestyle. She often turns to Pinterest for inspiring ideas for her homestead.

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