Indrė Giedrė Gegeckaitė

Indrė Giedrė Gegeckaitė

Junior Test Engineer

Indre is a 2020 graduate of the Sourcery Academy for Testers. Before joining Devbridge as a Junior Test Engineer, she held positions in Technical Support at Intermedix and at Hospital of LSMU Kaunas. Indre is focused on helping to lower users’ frustration with software products and in doing so help to make the world a better place. Persistent and with a strong work ethic, Indre is always going the extra mile to accomplish her goals. In doing so, her attitude towards achievement and professional accomplishment align well with Devbridge’s values.

Indre’s persistence doesn’t stop with professional accomplishments, though - she has impressively taught her cat, Flannele, to high-five. A curious person, Indre enjoys learning and will take deep dives into just about any topic that interests her. She also enjoys having deep conversations about questions that you can’t just simply turn to Google to find an answer for. Indre likes to learn is by listening to podcasts frequently, for which she turns to Spotify.

It is unfortunate we die alone but it shouldn't stop us from helping each other throughout life.

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