Indrė Maksimovaitė-Silčenko

Indrė Maksimovaitė-Silčenko

Software Engineer

Indre’s career in IT is her second career path. Before deciding to follow her interest in tech, she earned her Master’s Degree in Medicine and even worked as a Resident Doctor for two years. Taking the initiative to change her career and to successfully make the transition is one of her proudest achievements in life. With persistence and a love of learning, Indre is hardworking and wants to improve and succeed no matter what she is working on. She finds motivation from being part of a strong team and enjoys collaborating with and learning from her colleagues.

Indre’s hobbies are varied, including both outdoor activities and quieter, relaxing pastimes. She is a squash player and enjoys going bouldering, but also likes to read books, watch Netflix and game shows, and play board games and video games. She also loves animals, though she doesn’t have any pets.

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