Iosebi Otskheli

Iosebi Otskheli

Senior Software Engineer

Ioseb holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Before joining Devbridge he held several other positions in the tech sector; Ioseb worked as Junior Software Engineer at Mobia, a Software Engineer at Fujitsu, and as a Senior Software Engineer at Oracle. As a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge, Iosebi enjoys participating in architectural and design challenges . He is always striving to improve his skills and would one day like to be a tech lead. Overall, his determination and results-oriented approach help him to be successful. However, he also relies on Visual Studio as a key tool for his work.

In his free time, Ioseb both watches and plays football. He also loves table tennis. When he turns his attention away from sports, he is fascinated by space and astronomy as well as technological advancements in general.

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