Isabel Casey

Isabel Casey

Talent Acquisition Partner

Isabel appreciates other people’s talent. In fact, her goal at Devbridge is to bring the best and brightest talent to the team, as well as build solid and logical recruitment strategies that shape the talent acquisition process at Devbridge. Isabel has a Bachelors in Biology from Saint Xavier University Chicago as well as a MBA from Dominican University. Having worked at Exelon, Lantern Partners, PeopleFoundry, SIM Partners, she brings a wealth of experience in talent recruitment and management to Devbridge.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

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Isabel Casey
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Video: A recap of Sourcery Academy for Product Managers

Sourcery Academy for Product Managers, a four-week educational program in Chicago, concluded with a grand finale last week. This video summarizes Sourcery, why we organized it, and why we think it's important for the field of product management.

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