Jack Yager

Jack Yager

Senior Product Designer

Devbridge Senior Experience Designer Jack Yager takes an interesting approach to software and websites: he avoids them outside of work. Jack values real-world interaction; perhaps it’s the attention to these interactions that makes Jack such an expert when it comes to user experience. That’s not to say that he couldn’t live without Adobe Illustrator, or even text messaging, for that matter.

Jack’s first experience with computing got him in trouble. In grade school, he and a few mischievous friends replaced the high scores on the new Apple computers with swear words. Did the punishment fit the crime? Jack and his friends were forced to play all of the games until they had replaced the swear words in the high scores. Jack believes his finest creations to this point are his two children, and he also has a great collection of old still photography equipment; he loves the analog nature of film and the intricate yet simple machinery.

“Nobody ever complains that anything is too simple.”

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Jack Yager
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As experience design continues to evolve and mature, it’s important to understand not only what interaction behaviors and patterns users adopt, but how those digital patterns affect real-world interactions and modify conventions. This post looks at how digital and real-world convergence is impacting experience design.

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