Jackson Reynolds

Jackson Reynolds

Product Manager

Jackson earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. Before joining Devbridge he worked for Ernst & Young’s automation testing and innovation department and then went on to work as a Product Manager for Amount, a company in the fintech sector. Jackson’s technology background and his extensive experience handling customer engagement and client meetings, he has the skills to be successful no matter what challenges he faces in his work. Jackson is also resilient and confident, two traits that help him to communicate well in difficult situations. As someone who finds motivation in being a part of something that helps people, Jackson is pleased to be at Devbridge where both the products being built, and the company culture help people thrive. He always looks out for those around him and strives to encourage a positive, collaborative environment.

Jackson loves sports. While growing up he swam, and played baseball, football, lacrosse, and water polo. Now, he is ready to jump in and play any sport on any company or intramural team. He also enjoys hiking, especially in national parks. When he is not playing sports or hiking, Jackson can be found keeping up with the latest sci-fi or fantasy pop culture. He especially loves Dragon Ball Z, Marvel, DC, Pokémon, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park.

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