Jake Davies

Jake Davies

Senior Product Designer

Jake has been working in the tech industry since 2007. He’s worked for several companies, from start-ups to small established organizations to huge corporations, including Facebook. Throughout his career, Jake has earned awards for typography, branding, motion graphics, web design, and product design. In all his work, Jack pays close attention to details, and this has been a driving force behind his success. As part of the Devbridge team, Jake will be drawing on his experience but looking to the future as he strives to overcome challenges and make the world a better place through his work. No matter what he is doing, Jake’s ultimate goal is to bring order about from chaos.

In his free time, Jake enjoys exploring photography, typography, and the world of sneakers - especially those made by Nike. He also likes relaxing in front of his favorite movies and tv shows, which include Lord of the Rings and Lie to Me.

"Aspire to inspire before you expire."

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