Jaroslav Sadovski

Jaroslav Sadovski

Lead of Engineering Unit

Jaroslav remembers a simpler time – 1993, to be exact - when he attended programming classes in BASIC on an ATARI 130XE computer. Now, he’s working in cutting-edge tech on powerful systems as Senior .NET Developer at Devbridge, though he always thought he might become an astronaut or fighter jet pilot. He also believes that if we weren’t developing at Devbridge, he’d be a racecar mechanic.

In his free time, Jaroslav likes to enjoy good pizza, a Dan Brown book (particularly Digital Fortress), and can be most creative when he finds himself in a completely focused, stress-free environment. It was this sort of environment that allowed him to achieve his proudest moment: he managed his own wedding, and it was flawless.

“Impossible is nothing”

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