Jaroslav Sadovski

Jaroslav Sadovski

Head of Delivery

Jaroslav has over fifteen years of experience as an engineer, giving him exposure to and perspective on a wide range of practices in both engineering and management. He is trained in project management and has also worked on multi-cultural projects with clients from Poland to Kazahkstan. While overseeing production at Devbridge Group’s Vilnius office, he will be using that knowledge to ensure a productive, comfortable workplace for employees while helping to grow the organization and cultivate talent within the company. Jaroslav finds great satisfaction in seeing a team work closely together to deliver on their commitments, and he also enjoys passing along positive client feedback to those teams.

Jaroslav never stops learning, and he plans to continue expanding his knowledge of management practices. He is interested in the full spectrum of management, from leadership to economic aspects, and has immersed himself in the study of things such as the science of motivation and how to effectively increase the competence of employees in all roles.

Outside of work, Jaroslav is a movie buff who spends quite a bit of time on IMDB reading up on movie ratings and upcoming releases. He is also into cars, especially those with more than 4 cylinders and more than one turbocharger.

Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement.

Daniel H. Pink

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