Jean-Paul Delimat

Jean-Paul Delimat

Lead of Engineering Unit

Jean-Paul earned his Master’s Degree in Electronics and Computer Science from ENSERG in Grenoble, France. He has over a decade of experience in tech and has worked as a C++/Java Developer for Air Defense Missile Systems, as a C++/Java Developer and Team Lead in the video streaming industry, and as a Team Lead and Manager on public welfare platform projects. In the latter position he was managing nearly three dozen developers throughout a 200,000 hour project - and the project was a success. Jean-Paul has a strong track record of deliveries and client/team engagement while in all of his previous roles. As a Team Lead and Software Engineer at Devbridge, his leadership skills and coding knowledge will help drive both Jean-Paul and his team’s success.

A big football fan, Jean-Paul still plays whenever he can. He also loves sports in general, and is always up for chatting about the latest games.

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