Jenna Stworzyjanek

Jenna Stworzyjanek

Lead Product Manager

As an Associate Product Manager Jenna is responsible for supporting product managers with their client and requirements gathering as well as creating roadmaps and release plans. Jenna enjoys learning about the different ways people use software and then putting that knowledge to use to help guide her in building optimal products and features. Throughout her career, Jenna has also worked as a SCRUM master with an engineering team and has much experience as a communications bridge between the technical and non-technical team members.

Jenna has many hobbies including board games, solving puzzles, reading mysteries, and attending performance art events like concerts and plays. One of her biggest passions is dance, and she even traveled and performed as a professional lindy hopper for many years. Dance and music are still a part of her life, and she says she couldn’t live without Spotify to constantly.

“You have to be where you are to get where you need to go.”

Amy Poehler

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