Jevgenijus Marinuškinas

Jevgenijus Marinuškinas

Senior Test Engineer

Jevgenijus is a Test Engineer at Devbridge. He began his IT career with an IT Technical Support position, then moved to the QA and Software Development areas. Working with SEB Bank, EPS LT, and MERA Lithuania, he has had the opportunity to contribute to projects that make a big impact on people’s daily lives. At Devbridge, he plans to tackle the complex technical challenges related to testing and test automation in order to gain deep insight and expertise in the field. No matter what he is working on, Jevgenijus is never satisfied by a mediocre solution. He wants perfection and is always striving to improve and to do work he can be proud of.

A naturally curious person, Jevgenijus wants to always be learning. One way he does that is by visiting to stay updated on the latest scientific developments. Modern science, space, and astronomy are some of his specific interests. Jevgenijus also likes to take time to relax outside, by the lake or in the forest with his family and friends.

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