Jillian Mammarella

Jillian Mammarella

Product Manager

Jillian earned a degree in Math from the University of Pittsburgh and went on to spend over 16 years working in the mortgage industry. It was while working at JP Morgan Chase that she shifted into a Product Management role, where she helped solve problems and discovered how much she enjoyed the work. At Cognizant Softvision, she will be using her experience and passion for product management work to help find solutions for the challenges faced by other industries. Analytical yet adaptable, Jillian approaches problems with an open mind and a willingness to learn and to innovate as she searches for solutions.

Jillian loves spending time with her two sons. She also enjoys traveling, doing sudoku puzzles, reading, skiing, and practicing yoga. No matter what activity she is engaged in, Jillian has Spotify playing in the background to provide her with music, information, and even simple white noise.

“Only in darkness can you see the stars.”

Martin Luther King Jr

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