John Ciecholewski

John Ciecholewski

Senior Product Manager

John’s first memory related to computing involves collecting Compuserve CDs to get free Internet access. John pursued something different in his education, however, and eventually went on to get his Masters in Engineering and MBA from Cornell University. Now, he joins Devbridge as Product Manager in our Chicago office.

For inspiration, John can often rely on the Product Hunt website. But when he wants a less tech-centric way to find inspiration, he knows he can always turn to nature, especially backcountry camping and snowboarding. When it comes to literature and entertainment, John’s favorite book is Soccernomics and his favorite movie is Elf. If it’s food you’re talking about, look no further than Portillo’s Italian Beef to find John’s favorite.

An inch or a yard everyday, always make progress. – Scott Belsky

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John Ciecholewski
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How to set up Dual-Track Scrum in Jira

The concept of Dual-Track Scrum was first evangelized by Marty Cagan back in 2012, and more recently elements of it have been incorporated into Google's Design Sprint. We recently wrote about how Dual-Track works from a design perspective, and want to demonstrate how it can be applied in practice. By leveraging Dual-Track Scrum, teams are more focused, reduce their rework and significantly improve their ability to plan while still retaining their agility. In this article, we'll review the benefits of Dual-Track Scrum and show how we implement it in practice using agile tools.