Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen

Lead Product Designer

Jon began his career as a publishing designer and Art Director, leading his team to earn First Place in Design Excellence at Association Media & Publishing’s EXCEL Awards. Since making the transition to UI design and UX research, he has worked on a number of exciting projects, including dynamic keyboards for medical chat-bots, consumer-facing e-commerce/subscription platforms, and complex internal operations applications. At Devbridge, he’ll be using his experience along with his determination and empathy to tackle UI challenges and find the best solutions for users and stakeholders alike. Motivated by the opportunity to see product owners delighted with his work, Jon is looking forward to help new and old clients of Devbridge grow their products.

Jon is so committed to design that even one of his hobbies relates to it - fonts. He browses and binge purchases fonts daily the way some people do clothes. His other hobbies include playing Dungeons & Dragons as well as boulder and rock climbing. A Harry Potter fan, he is always willing to talk about the lore of the wizarding world.

“The world has been falling apart since it began. That’s what the world does: it falls, it’s rebuilt. The same is true for people. You’re stronger than you think.” -

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